The Report for Forefront of Rion Technologies The technological developments Rion executes for the happiness of people and supporting the business are introduced. Click for more information
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Milestones of technological innovation The History Rion has been developing for new fields based on the acoustics and vibration technologies is introduced. Click for more information
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Product Information

  • Particle Counters

    Airborne / liquid-borne particle counters used for clean rooms and management of cleanliness in various industries including electronics, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.

  • Audiological Equipment (Hearing Instruments/Medical Equipment)

    Rionet Hearing Instruments with history of over 60 years, and robust and easy-to-use medical equipment including audiometer and OAE screeners.

  • Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments

    Sound level meters, vibration meters, seismometers etc which meet the needs of administrative bodies and industrial fields.